What is Pilates Reformer?

Posted on Apr 27, 2021

What is Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer is an excellent workout for the core or what’s also called the body’s powerhouse—the abs, lower back, hips, pelvic floor, and glutes. Reformer exercises are designed to build up strength and muscle tone without bulking you up. Pilates’ movements will help you develop proper body mechanics for better posture and balance and be more flexible and energetic.

Reformer Pilates also helps in weight loss, especially when combined with a cardio workout and proper diet. Research shows that Pilates effectively lowers BMI and calorie count and results in a slimmer waist, flatter abs, and leaner hips, too.

At Pilates Plus Singapore, Reformer workouts are gaining popularity among those who practice Pilates for weight loss, strength training, and resistance building.

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Pilates Reformer Apparatus

First things first. While the term “Pilates equipment” is widely accepted within the Pilates community, Joseph Pilates intended for it to be called “Pilates apparatus.” “Pilates machines” isn’t appropriate, especially in Classical Pilates or Traditional Pilates circles.

The Reformer was invented in the late 1800s by Joseph Pilates, who sparked the global Pilates movement. It was initially called the Universal Reformer, one of 12 original devices Pilates designed to help soldiers injured in the war.

Known also as Universal Reformer, it consists of a bed frame-like platform called the carriage, which is attached to springs and bars. The carriage is padded and has shoulder blocks to keep you from sliding off. It also has an adjustable foot bar for the legs and resistance cables for the arms at the opposite end. When you pull the cables with your arms and push the bars with your legs, your muscles extend to the fullest position, helping you to execute a full range of motion that you usually can’t do on your own or by using a single piece of equipment.

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Pilates Reformer Benefits

Reformer Pilates workouts are gaining popularity among those who practice Pilates for weight loss. Picture this: if you weigh about 150lbs and you do Pilates for 50 minutes, then you shed about 175 calories. Muscles continue burning off calories even after working out—so the longer you’re at it, the stronger and shapelier you get.

Pilates Reformer is also an excellent exercise for males looking to build strength or females who want to improve their physique (and vice-versa). Those who are approaching or are already in their senior years will likewise benefit from the flexibility-enhancing and balance-building workout.

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine (Roller et al., 2017), doing Pilates Reformer once a week for 2 to 3 months can result in reduced risks of falling over. There are also significant improvements in dynamic (moving) and static (standing still) balance and functional mobility among adults 60 years and older.

Also, Pilates Reformer is recommended for rehabilitative purposes as it allows the patient to exercise while lying flat on their back. Doing so spares the legs from bearing weight, particularly beneficial for those who have undergone knee surgery or have knee injuries.

Pilates Reformer exercises can likewise help ease back pain by aligning the spine and easing tension from the back muscles. The more you use the Reformer, the more efficiently you move, so you’ll feel more relief the more you work out.

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Where to Find Pilates Reformer Classes in Singapore

You’ll achieve your fitness goals more quickly by using the Pilates Reformer instead of multiple gym machines. As your body gets accustomed to the basic movements, you can adjust the springs and move the carriage to higher resistance levels.

In a month or so, you can expect to move from reclined exercises to workouts that require less contact between the body and the carriage. Note that you’ll need an instructor to guide you through the proper movements and breathing, which is essential to Pilates. Without proper guidance, there’s a risk of unduly straining the muscles, and you’re likely to fall back into your old movement patterns.

Pilates Plus Singapore is the only Pilates and movement studio in Singapore that offers the Strength Pilates Series for both Mat and Reformer classes. The program is specifically designed to give you actual results in strength gain with our whole-body workouts.

For Pilates Plus, it’s not just a matter of taking classes. It’s about embarking on a journey to health and joyfulness with our certified trainers as your guide. For us, Pilates is not just a profession but a passion. We’ve made our rates cost-efficient and relatively affordable because we want everyone to have the same life-changing experience that we do with Pilates.

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Pilates Reformer Classes Cost in Singapore

Here at Pilates Plus Singapore, we offer Reformer Group Class Packages at $445 for 10 sessions, valid for 4 months. The class is inclusive of Reformer Allegro, Reformer Fundamentals, and Reformer Strength Series courses.

We also have a Reformer Plus class, a unique hybrid package that lets you enjoy 5 Reformer sessions and 5 non-Reformer sessions at $395, valid for 4 months.

Although group sessions are less expensive, we recommend taking private sessions if you’re a Pilates Reformer beginner. It’s because the essential techniques should be adjusted to suit your own needs and physical capabilities, and you have to get accustomed to the equipment.

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People with degenerative disc disease and severe back pain should consult with their physicians first and foremost. Pilates Reformer is neither intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical treatments. Before taking up any exercise program, it’s always best to consult with your doctor.

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