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Are you new to Pilates or looking for Pilates classes that best suit your lifestyle?
Check out our videos to find one that fits your personality and preferences perfectly!

Pilates is not just another workout but a journey into a better way of life with a healthy body and mind.
At Pilates Plus Singapore, our veteran instructors will help you learn at your own pace so you
can get closer to your fitness goals while having an enjoyable and fulfilling experience with every session.

We’re the only Pilates and movement studio in Singapore that offers the Strength Pilates
programme for both Mat and Reformer classes. We’ve made our studio rates affordable because we want everyone
to have the same life-changing experience that we do with Pilates.

That’s why we’re offering a one-time-only introductory group package to our beginner-friendly sessions,
including Strength Pilates Matwork, Pilates Mat Plus, Calisthenics, and more!

Want to get started on improving your flexibility, strength, posture, and body composition?
Then join us in the studio for our group or private classes.

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Strength Pilates

Pilates for Beginners

Test width

Calisthenics Fundamentals

For muscle and breathing control—great for newbies and seniors.


Easy-to-follow floor exercises suitable for beginners and seniors.

Reformer Strength Series

Learn to use the Reformer—for a stronger core and better flexibility.

Pilates Equipment Group

Get the full Pilates experience with a variety of workouts and moves!

Reformer Allegro

Allegro workouts to aid in body-mind healing and physical therapy.

Rings Class

Exercises to firm up
and slim down your torso,
legs, and waist.

Handstands Class

To get you in shape and the right form to do the perfect handstands.


Learn the dance
and martial art in
the most enjoyable way!