How To Strengthen Immunity, Improve Mental Health, And Age Gracefully? Say YES to a Healthy Lifestyle!

Posted on Mar 31, 2020

Nowadays, it’s no longer a question “if you’re busy” but rather, “how busy are you?” On any given day, our to-do lists are typically long and our stress levels are frequently high, especially in these alarming circumstances.  

Between work, home life, and many other “more important” responsibilities, sometimes there’s hardly enough time for anything else, much less exercise. It’s easy to undermine our health when deadlines are looming and bills are piling up.

These days we’ve all been compelled to take a pause to consider how truly important it is to be healthy in both body and mind. We may not notice how often we take our own well-being for granted, but as we age and become more susceptible to health risks, it gets clearer.

Now we know what it means to have a strong immune system—why a good diet and regular exercise are strong armors against disease. Now we appreciate what it means to be in good mental health—intellectually and emotionally equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances.

So, what does it take to get from neglecting your health to adopting a healthy lifestyle? Find the time to exercise and make a routine out of it. Be mindful of your emotional state and learn how to master your impulses. Let’s all begin the journey to attaining a positive perspective on life by saying YES to these resolutions for healing and well-being.

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YES, I’ll exercise to protect myself from illness!

You make yourself vulnerable to illness when you stick to a sedentary daily routine. While vitamin supplements could help, exercising every day increases your immunity against disease and lessens health risk factors.

However, strengthening your immune system through exercise is not a magic bullet—you have to know when enough is enough. Studies show that a long duration of exercise may also lead to weakened immune functions.

While exercise done in moderation releases hormones and enzymes that protect the body against infections caused by intracellular microorganisms, too much could cause disruptions in our system.

High-intensity exercise in long durations could make you feel more exhausted than rejuvenated. Too much exertion may increase the concentration of anti-inflammatory hormones as the body responds to high levels of stress. In effect, it increases our susceptibility to infections!

Let’s face it, the gym isn’t for everyone. Different people have unique interests, inclinations, and physical conditions. So, if you’re looking for alternatives to the gym, Pilates Plus offers introductory classes and group promos to start you on your way to a long-term immunity-boosting regimen to suit your pace and personal capabilities.

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YES, I’ll be mindful to maintain my mental health!

When we don’t exercise our body, we fail to give our brain the boost it needs to stay sharp. The most common consequences of refusing stubbornly to sweat it out are brain fog and poor memory.

Now, that’s something many of us unknowingly neglect because we rely heavily on the Internet and our devices for almost everything that needs to be remembered—schedules, grocery lists, even birthdays and anniversaries!

Nowadays, it’s become normal to panic when you realise you’ve left your phone at home or there’s zero Wi-Fi signal where you’re at. But instead of “just getting used to” these pangs of panic, we should learn to curb them.

Anxiety sets in when the body releases hormones in response to stress. With poor mental health, we’re unable to regulate the effects of stress as it wreaks havoc on the regions of the brain that control motivation, fear and mood.

This puts you at risk for memory impairment, depression, and sleep problems. Exercise can help introduce oxygen to the cells of our body, but more importantly it helps improve your memory and thinking faculties, directly or indirectly.  

The added boost of oxygen to your brain, which you get out of regular exercise, gives you an edge compared to sedentary individuals. You’ll notice that your productivity increases and your mood swings become less and less over time.

At Pilates Plus, we’ll guide you toward mastering your own body and mind—to help you take on your daily tasks head-on, with vim and vigor. With each session, we can get you closer not just to your fitness goals but also to a more optimistic outlook in life.

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YES, I’ll take steps to ensure that I age gracefully.

As they say, aging with composure is a sign of a life lived well. While we must all face the inevitability of growing older, how each of us handle or approach the situation depends on how healthy we are in both mind and body.

The benefits of exercise to physical health is quite plain to see, but did you know that this is also key to maintaining the bloom of youth in our appearance? And who doesn’t need a boost of confidence, whatever age or gender?

Many a maturing woman or man turn to creams, peels, facials, and the like as a way of maintaining a healthy complexion. In fact, it’s exercise (plus a good diet) that has the most regenerating effect on our cells.

Exercise promotes better skin tone and prevents it from losing elasticity as the body ages. Increased blood flow means an increase in oxygen and nutrients delivered to your cells, resulting in a more youthful appearance and radiant complexion.

One way to keep facial muscles looking youthful is to exercise it the way you work the rest of the muscles in your body. In a way, this makes for an easy and even an inexpensive way to get a regular facial.

Sweating also allows you to get rid of free radicals, which cause wrinkles and other premature signs of aging. Lack of exercise can also promote unwanted weight gain, which becomes more of a health risk as you advance in age.

There’s nothing wrong with slowing down as we get older, but it doesn’t mean we should stop moving altogether. Our posture deteriorates when we sit all the time; and our balance is compromised when we have very little physical activity. Stretching exercises such as Pilates and yoga can actually prevent and relieve back pain, too!

At Pilates Plus, our professional staff can help you stay flexible and limber, so you can avoid losing your balance, which can lead to accidents and injury, especially among senior citizens. We have experience in helping clients of all ages achieve their health goals safely, properly.

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BUT FIRST, a word of caution…

Hold your horses, and don’t go off on the first exercise video you come across online! It’s important to ease into, let your body get used to the erstwhile “foreign” physical activity. Make sure you’re doing just the right number of reps and in the correct pace and intensity.

The smart first step to taking up a new exercise regimen is to learn more about your body’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s best to consult a professional, especially if you have an existing medical condition. And make sure you’re using the right gear and equipment to avoid injuries and complications.

If you’re not into gym classes, ask around for alternatives that appeal to you—that neighbor who does Pilates classes, an officemate who takes up yoga, or a friend who’s into Zumba perhaps. You’re welcome to shoot us questions, watch our videos, and read more about the benefits of Pilates on our blogs.

Now’s the time to take more responsibility for our own health.
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