In Singapore: Calisthenics and Muscle Up Classes!

Posted on Sep 17, 2021

In Singapore: Calisthenics and Muscle Up Classes!

Calisthenics classes have become popular in Singapore in the last 5 years. More and more studios and large fitness centers are offering Bodyweight training sessions. Calisthenics is not only fun to do compared to regular strength training in the gym, but it is very effective as well in building strength, toning, and learning new skills. 

PilatesPlus offers beginner-friendly Calisthenics classes at both CBD and Safra Mount Faber branches.  The CBD branch is at International Plaza building, just directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT. The Safra Mount Faber outlet is at 2 Telok Blangah Way carrying the name UMove Fitness.

Do you know that Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates Methodology in the early 1900s, was a Bodyweight practitioner? You can see him in his old videos where he does Calisthenics exercises and handstands aside from teaching a different set of exercises now know as Pilates. 

It is not a surprise since he was a gymnast, a circus performer, a wrestler, and a boxer before he went into teaching his exercise methods. At PilatesPlus Singapore, we incorporate Calisthenics and Pilates training together as they highly complement each other.

Pilates and Calisthenics blend well together

Pilates does a very good job of building the right foundation for your body. It will eliminate aches and pains, aligns your posture, develops a decent level of strength and flexibility, and improves your body awareness. 

All these aspects will establish a very good base before doing more intense Calisthenics exercises. If you want to know more about the Pilates classes that we offer, you can check these articles about the Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer classes that we offer.

Calisthenics on the other hand is a continuation of your Pilates journey towards a more capable body. It works very well in increasing your strength and flexibility which you have built from doing Pilates exercises. Though the Pilates method is great for building strength and flexibility, there is an upper limit of how strong and flexible you can become. Calisthenics training done with the right programming will take you to the next level.

Here are our different Bodyweight training classes that we offer at both PilatesPlus at International Plaza and UMove Fitness outlet at Safra Club Mount Faber.

Strength Pilates Class

This is a multi-level class.

The teacher of the class will modify the exercises accordingly to your level. 

Class Description

This is a unique class to Pilates Plus only. I started this class as I realized that my students were no longer progressing even though they diligently came for my sessions. So I have tweaked my Pilates class program and incorporated Calisthenics strength training in the class.

This class is a bridge for the students who are practicing Pilates and want to start working with bodyweight exercises. The movements in the class is a mixture of Pilates mat exercises and some basic Calisthenics movement. The exercises will be the same every session and will be practiced for 6 weeks.

This is to ensure that you will learn the exercises and get stronger with them. 

Great for beginners

The structure of the class is great for beginners as there are only a few movements done in the session and you can practice these movements for a duration of 6 weeks. You will have time to adapt and practice the movements.

Pilates Apparatus used

  • Exercise mat
  • Gymnastic stall bar
  • Parallettes
  • Pilates Ring (depends on the program)
  • Foam roller (occasionally used)
  • Spine corrector (occasionally used)
  • Elastic bands (occasionally used)

Here is a 3 session Intro package so you can try any of our Calisthenics classes and Pilates mat class.

Calisthenics Fundamentals Class

Class level: Best for beginners in Calisthenics

Class description

This is where you start your Calisthenics journey where you will learn the basic Calisthenics exercises such as Push-ups, Rows, Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Dips, and Pike Push-ups.

We will guide you step by step on how to achieve your first ever pull-up and push-ups all the way to doing 10s and 20s of them. The class is very unique as we will modify the exercises to suit your strength level that even a lady in her 70s can do the exercises safely without overstraining herself.

Form and quality of the movements are a priority rather than quantity

Unlike high-intensity bodyweight training classes that you find elsewhere, we focus more on you learning the exercise properly and make sure that you are doing it in good form. Increasing the number of reps will come only once you have learned how to do the movements correctly.

Movement Mix

One unique feature in or Calisthenics classes is the movement insert that we do in between rounds of our training. Instead of just purely resting before starting the next round, we work on our coordination, balance, reflex, and many other things related to movement. This makes the class more interesting and holistic in a way.

Equipment used

  • Gymnastics ring
  • Stall bar
  • Boxes
  • Pull-up bar
  • Gymnastic stall bars
  • Parallettes
  • Small weight plates
  • Pushl-Up mount for the Stall bar

Muscle-up class

Class level: Intermediate to advanced level

You need to be able to do a minimum of 10 pull-ups and 20 dips for this class.

Class description

This will be your next level class once you have achieved your goals in the Calisthenics Fundamentals class.

A muscle-up is a combination of two popular Calisthenics movements which are the Pull-up and dips. This is a higher-level skill which you need a stronger foundation before attempting to doing it as it can strain your shoulders if you are not ready.

Equipment used

  • Gymnastics ring
  • Stall bar
  • Boxes
  • Pull-up bar
  • Gymnastic stall bars
  • Parallettes
  • Pushl-Up mount for the Stall bar

Tips and things you need before attending the class

  • Bring your own towel, a mat is not needed for the class.
  • Wear comfortable exercise attire, so you can move freely. You will be doing the class barefoot as no shoes are allowed in the studio.
  • We provide water, but you can bring your own bottle. One less paper cup wasted will be better to save our environment.
  • Come into the class with a mindset of a student. Learn from our teacher, feel free to ask questions, bring home the exercise with you, and do it safely at home. Our aim is for you to be independent in taking care of yourself, to keep your body fit and strong.
  • Be patient and learn the exercises properly before pushing further. It will pay off in the long run if you focus more on the form rather than the quantity or intensity.
  • Be consistent with your attendance. It is very tempting to attend a variety of classes in a week but our body can only take as much in order to learn the movements. You will be better off doing the same Calisthenics class for 3x a week rather than attending 3 different sessions in a week.

You can try any of our Calisthenics and Pilates mat classes with this 3 sessions introductory package. See you in the class soon.